Monday, 14 March 2011

Apart from myself

O Buddha!!
If the path guided by you
not going to turn into a barrier
in my route
in the route that leads to prosperity
to facility and comfort 

But perhaps that's not the way to happiness
neither that's far from worries
nor protects me from spiritual diseases .. 

The path can make me to feel safe from gunmen 
from the terror of Dons
but I'm full of doubts 
if it's able enough to absorb the fears 
the fear that sprouts from any corner every now and then

Even our routs are not crossing each other

and if they do,
does there exist the path
which could assure my guiltless return,
my repent-less coming back
which could make me to feel comfort and safe
on changing my own philosophy...

Can I be there with that much ease
without any remorse
whenever I feel that I'm sick of the wandering around..

Can that open the doors of possibilities
of joining your lane again
on the nearest four-way?
or can they lead me to devote myself 
to follow into your footsteps
making me carefree from all the conditions..

Will the expectations surely get volatile
Will I really rush towards your path losing interest in myself

Will my merge into your aura not be called as 
my greed into search of pleasure?
an escape from problems,
absconding from miseries?

If the way I follow at the moment
can’t grant me the state,
which may be equal in even and odd
which may consider a subject to the 

and an object to itself.
Can this 'I' not be separated from myself?
Dipak Mashal 


  1. deepak ji ,


    one of very rare compositions , i must say...!!!

    each word is having its own meaning in the poem.

    thanks .

    badhayi sweekar kare..


    मेरी नयी कविता " तेरा नाम " पर आप का स्वागत है .
    आपसे निवेदन है की इस अवश्य पढ़िए और अपने कमेन्ट से इसे अनुग्रहित करे.
    """" इस कविता का लिंक है ::::

  2. In the journey of knowing oneself we have to face such dilemma regarding two paths,regarding there connection and this vagueness of the inner and the outer world makes us far as I have understood ,this 'I' is the cause of all the mental anxieties.All the best nice post.

  3. wow... tht's awesome... all the feelings from the deapth of heart...

  4. .

    @-and an object to itself.
    Can this 'I' not be separated from myself?


    Since the question crossed your mind, you are already a step towards achieving that.




  5. kidding !
    But I felt that you are at loss with some words, You have the Strength to create.. I would suggest to keep a copy of Roget's Thesaurus with you, Its a tremendous help !
    Bless you.

  6. Very beautiful indeed !

    Once when I told my daugher about salvation and what it means, I told her if that happens we will become a part of the Lord. She said well I don't want to stay at one place for eternity, I want to be able to enjoy life. At that point I could not explain her why we want salvation, I guess she will realize when she grows old.